Aviva’s Letter

Shalom and Bracha:

It is with great pleasure that I write to you about our good friends, the Johnsons. We have known them for about 6 years. During this time we have gotten to know them quite well.

Their latest endeavor is truly an indication of how they live their life. Their home is an open house to the lone soldier of the IDF. Any lone soldier who comes to their door is welcome. The Johnsons are continually cooking to make sure there is enough food to feed these soldiers. There is always room at the Johnsons for the soldiers to stay when they are off base. If these young people need a sympathic ear, the Johnsons are there.

I have also been the recipient of their kindness. Scott has helped us move, brought things up from Jerusalem and fixed things around our house. Theresa has used her considerable talents to make clothes for our daughter, Chaya-Mushka, who has Down Syndrome and myself.

While my daughter, Batyaz’’l, was in the hospital before she died, the Johnsons were there to run errands, take us to the hospital, give us a place to stay and to be there to give us comfort.

I cannot say enough about the help and kindness they are showing to the people of Israel.