We have updated the security on the website and strengthened the Donation page for your security and ours.

If you would like to contribute financially either write us a check or fill in the online credit card processing form towards the bottom of this page, Thank you.
Lone Soldier


P.O. Box 31917
Knoxville, Tennessee

Make check or money order payable To:


  • HaMiflaht is registered nonprofit organization in the State of Tennessee.

  • HaMiflaht is also a registered 501 c3 in the United States of America, your donations are fully “Tax deductible” in accordance with the tax laws of USA.

  • HaMiflaht USA solely supports HaMiflaht a nonprofit organization in the Nation of Israel.

All donations will go to a General Fund for HaMiflaht unless you specify otherwise.

HaMiflaht is solely dependent on your contributions.

We need your prayer and financial support to continue to help the Lone Soldiers here In Jerusalem.

Go to projects pages to find out where and what your finances support.

We offer payments through PayPal by clicking on the following image:

Donate Through Paypal

16 thoughts on “Donate”

  1. shalom, I would to send a donation – what name can I write the cheque in and who do I post it to – I am based in the UK.

    many blessings
    Celestine King (UK)

  2. I flipped channels and stopped on GLC and Amy was sharing
    Scott and Teresa about HA Miflaht.I’ve not heard of this
    program and I do give to David’s Army fund in which my
    heart is very fond for,so I believe Jehovah God was wanted
    me to see this. Do we send through your donation site or
    can we get your mailing address there in Israel?

    Shalom. ms Judy

    1. Shalom Ms. Judy,
      We are always grateful when He brings others to partner with us in helping the Lonely Soldiers in Israel.
      I’ll send you a password you can use to access our Donation page where you’ll find several ways to donate to HaMiflaht, we have PayPal, our own secure payment gateway or a physical address here in the states.
      Thank you
      Be Well be Blessed
      Scott Johnson

  3. Scott and Theresa, know that Cindy and I are excited to support and pray for you both as you continue to serve our IDF men and women……job well done.

  4. Hello there,

    I would like to donate to your ministy, but do know that banks take a percentage of each donation when a credit card is processed / used. Which is the best way for your organization to receive a donation? Should I mail a check to Servants to Christ or just pay via online with a credit card?

    Thank you, Shalom and the Lord Bless YOU for your Ministry.

  5. Dec 16, 2011

    On Gods Learning Channel, GLC-TV, Tommy was taking about your Ministry of Love for the IDF with guest Joe McGee, on Light of the Southwest.

  6. Thanks for the PayPal tool for donating.

    Keep the website pictures coming. It is great seeing the bright young faces of the IDF.

    Great work has been given to you.


    mel, La Luz, New Mexico, USA

  7. My heart goes out to these Israeli soldiers. I have visited Israel and have seen these young people, serious at their job. What you are doing is Beautiful. Please continue to melt their hearts of stone so that they will turn to the one and only Elohim, Only then will they succeed.

  8. I have been watching you on GLC. You really touched my heart. I hope I will be able to donate again. But, I don’t want to commit at this time. Thank you for what you are doing. It is such a wonderful way to show God’s love and to show what the Christian spirit is all about. My prayers are with you all.


  9. Shalom Scott & Theresa this is from the group at our ever shabbat group, we hope you will join us when you come this summer for our shabbat meal and study of the Torah, we look forward to seeing you soon,
    Blessings from us here in the Pacific NW,
    Blessings on you always,

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