Daniel’s Letter

DanielMy Home “Ha Miflaht”

Ha Miflaht What is Ha Miflaht? Is that a place where you can meet with your friends and have parties? Or is it a place where you will find a person to talk to? I would like to tell you what Ha Miflaht means.

Every Friday, after Scott (the father of Ha Miflaht) has cleaned the whole house, we come together and gather around the table, we talk, speak the Kiddush and enjoy a great Shabbat dinner cooked from Theresa (the mother of Ha Miflaht). It is also a tradition that Scott makes his delicious chicken wings! We always have a lot of fun. But that is not the only thing we do; until late at night we spend time on our balcony, drink wine and talk about God, the stories of the bible and the Tanach and the persons from these stories.

The next day, on Shabbat, all of us, boys and girls we rest, have fun, eat, smoke nargila “hookah” and in the evening, when the sun goes down, we close Shabbat with the Havdalah .

It does not matter who you are, what skin color or religion you have, whether you are a lone soldier or a student. That is not important to us and everybody is welcome! We just meet and talk. If you come and have questions we will talk about it and we always find answers to them.

You can read about Ha Miflaht and have your own imagination about that place, but you will never know what it really is, until you come and experience it yourself.
Four months ago I came to Ha Miflaht and I have never heard of it before and did not know what it was all about. But these last four months living there have changed my whole life. I’ve changed everything completely; my mind, my thinking and I found a new reason to live.

Scott and Theresa the way they live helped me change my mind about life and religion it opened my eyes. First I was skeptic about what they told me, but the more I heard, saw, read and studied about it, the more I got convinced that it all was true. I truly believe that God send me to those people like angels that helped me understand and opened my eyes to this new life. So for me it all started in Ha Miflaht.

Letter from Daniel Zarecki