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  1. Dear Theresa and Scott,
    My husband Ron and I learned about your wonderful mission from Hines and Cecelia Pergam at Melech Ha Olam Synagogue in Mrytle Beach, S C. We have been enjoying the Tennessee coffee we bought to support Ha Miflaht. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2008 in Jerusalem and renewed our vows there. We hope to return in May 2018 for our 60th. We are wondering if you might have a room available for rent for a couple of volunteers. We are seniors but are able bodied and willing to do whatever work is needed to help out. We are Messianic believers and attend Be it Hallel Synagogue in Ocala, FL. We are affiliated with Tikun International Ministries.
    Praying for you and all in your care. Faye

  2. Hi Scott and Theresa,

    We had the opportunity and pleasure to meet you while you where in Washington State. If was at Wally and Betty’s house in the basement.

    We would like to know if there would be an opportunity to have a Shabbat Dinner with the IDF during our stay. Also, while we are there; we would like to help out.

    Thank you for your time,

    Cheri Kundert


  3. Hello, I have greatly enjoyed reading about and hearing about your ministry from my friend Ann here in WA. Your website says you had been trying to purchase the house you hold the ministry in, last updates I could find were from 2011, has this come to fruition? It’s very exciting. I will be visiting Israel and spending a little of my time in Jerusalem, and wonder If I can come by and help volunteer to prepare for a Shabbat meal you cook. Also wonder if you have an address in the US I can mail a first fruits to?
    I look forward to hearing from you as I will arrive in May and be there in The Land until June.

  4. Please have Theresa call me when she has some time to talk.

    My husband and I have lived in Israel for over five years and feel the Lord expanding our original ministry He gave us here.

    My cell number is 054-645-3028.

    Thanks and God Bless your ministry,


  5. Thank you for your interest in HaMiflaht, I’ll send your password to your email address. Thank you

  6. Shalom! I saw you first on GLC. I will be in Israel from Jan 15th – Feb 4th and will be staying at a friend’s place in Jerusalem. I was wondering if I could visit your place and maybe help out in some way while I am there. I do have some “work” to do there. I am working for an attorney who is sending me there to find out how he can set up an office in the Land. I also have plans to see how I can set up my artwork there. I have some contacts from my trip last May. But while I am there I would love to help out at Hamiflat if possible. Maybe you know someone who could drive me to a few places, for a fee, of course. Toda Rabah!

    1. I’m sure we can find something for you to do here at HaMiflaht and look forward to having you here for an Erv Shabbat dinner. I’ll give more details in an email at your gmail account.

  7. Dears,
    We wanted to know, myself and my friend Catherine, if there is an opportunity to offer you volunteering either in cleaning or kitchen or whatelse you need.
    If yes, what are the conditions? We could stay between one and three months. And is it possible to have an oulpan to learn Ivrit?
    We are both retired single women.
    Thank you for answering; God bless you


  9. Wanted to let you know that we appreciate your website growth and great pictures.
    I checked to see my last post to your site. Time goes quickly.


  10. I was wondering if i might get your Israel address where we could wrght you. We would like to send money to you as well. We are a small prayer group in Amarillo , Texas and we heard about you on GLC TV. Thank you so much for your time and for all you do for the Soldiers. I pray blessings and great favor from FATHER GOD on you . Nora

  11. Wouldnt you show your love for the jewish people more if you had stayed in the usa and confronted your fellow christians about anti semitism?
    I read there are 6 million jews in america and 30 million admitted jew haters. You have plenty of work to do in the usa.

    1. Shalom Shecky,
      I think your figure of 6 million American Jews is correct, I’m not sure there are 30 million Christians in the U.S. that hate the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism is not only on the raise in the Church in the United States but it’s spreading all over the world. Anti-Semitism comes from false biblical doctrines, half-truths (which are still lies) and a lack of truthful knowledge. Some people don’t want to hear the truth. When we return to the States we do speak at many Churches and any groups that are willing to listen.

  12. Greetings to JALVAREZ..I have sent you an e-mail. look forward to hearing back from you!! theresa

  13. I watched Zeev’s interview on GLC and was so touched and moved by what you are doing for these soldiers in Israel. As a Messianic Jew, my heart is with my people in my land and what an inspiration you are! I have emailed all my friends about your ministry. I will be coming to Israel in December 2012 with my kids and we would love to stop by and meet you for a moment.

    praying for you,
    Julie Cason
    Silver City, New Mexico

    1. Thank you for the thumbs up!! Ze’ev is very special to us. Please do keep us updated concerning your planned trip, we would love to have your family visit and meet some of our guys & gals

  14. At this moment we are watching Scott Johnson on Gods Learning Channel-TV, broadcast from Odessa Texas. An inspiration for us because we have prayed about a way to assist IDF soldiers in a humble way.

    Cathy and I will pray about what and how we can do to assist Hamiflaht.

    mel swanson

    1. Thanks Mel and Cathy…wanted to let y’all know we have a PayPal account all set up and should have a PayPal button by the end of the week.
      When you come to Jerusalem be sure to stop by and have a meal with all of us.

  15. Wow, great to hear from y’all….. What is your address in Jerusalem? I want to send something to help. By the way, both of you look great…..haven’t changed a bit. I miss youse guys.

    Love and shalom,


  16. Shalom,

    It has been a privilege and honour to design and bring together this website for Ha Miflaht. Thank you to all those who have expressed their opinions and kind words.


  17. Dear Theresa and Scott,
    this page looks great and we miss being with you! Can we come by this week or Friday in two weeks?
    May God bless your work and all you do for God’s people! You guys are awesome!!!


    1. OH thank you!! and we would love to have you all come for dinner; either Shabbat works….this week we will celebrate Alberts birthday, and his sister is herfrom Brazil also & in two weeks we will celebrate Natalies’ the choice is yours!!! will be good to see the 4 of you whichever one you choose. we try to eat 6:30 and we tell the guys 6. looking forward to having y’all here. love ya theresa

  18. This looks wonderful! I posted it on my fb page. PTL for this all. It is excellent, done by excellent people for excellent people! Love and blessings as you exponentially increase in favor, provision, people, and finances to do what he has called you to do.

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